The People

The heart of the Pays des Collines, amid valleys and crests, is where Marie chose to fulfil her passion: breeding donkeys. 
Marie is passionate about donkeys. They intrigue and fascinate her. In this animal, she finds a range of surprising qualities. 
“The donkey is fair, intelligent, sensitive and fragile, generous, powerful, but also extremely skilled and a faithful companion”.

Together with her husband, Olivier, she therefore decided to make her passion her profession. 
Together, they chose to surround themselves with donkeys everyday, to live for and by donkeys. 
A seemingly insane challenge! Yet one which they have met with success and happiness.
Marie has shared her passion with her family as Olivier, her husband, is fully involved in running the donkey farm. 
Their son Corentin joined them in September 2010, and is now part of the team, while Louise, who is still studying,
gives a helping hand welcoming visitors on Sunday afternoons when she comes home.


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